Also known as: Fermanagh Highland, Fermanagh Highland Fling, Mollymusk, Money Musk, Moneymusk, Moneymusk, The, Monie Musk, Monie Musk, The, Moniemusk, Moniemusk, The, Mony Musk, Monymusk Highland Fling, The, Monymusk, The, Sir Archibald Grant Of Monemusk's, Sir Archibald Grant Of Moneymusk's, Sir Archibald Grant Of Mony Musk, Sir Archibald Grant Of Monymusk's, Sir Archibald Grant's

Type: reel

Meter: 4/4

Mode: Amajor

ABC: |:eABA eAdf|eAcA Bcdf|eABA eAce|fdBd cAAf:| |:aeee feee|aeee fBBA|1 aeee feee| dfed cAAf:|2 ~a2ga f/g/aec|def=g abaf||

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