Maloney's Wife

Also known as: Biddy Maloney's, Malowney's Wife, McCormack's, Milltown, The, Molloy's Advice, Molloy's Wife, Moloney's Wife

Type: jig

Meter: 6/8

Mode: Dmajor

ABC: A/G/|~F2A AFA|AdB AFD|GBG FGA|BGE EAG| ~F2A AFA|AFA ~d2A|Bcd edB|AFD D2:| c/d/|eAA Bcd|ecA ~A2F|GBG FGA|BGE Ecd| [1 eAA Bcd|ecA ~d2A|Bcd edB|AFD D2:| [2 eAA fAA|ecA ~d2A|Bcd edB|AFD D2|| e/f/|gfg faf|gfe def|gbg fga|bge ~e2f| gbg faf|gfe ~d2A|Bcd edB|AFD D2:|

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