Bucks Of Oranmore, The

Also known as: Bucks Of Aranmore, The, Bucks Of Arranmore, The, Bucks Of Bohermore, The, Bucks Of Clare, The, Bucks Of Oran Mor, The, Bucks, The, Hearty Bucks Of Oranmore, The, Hearty Bucks, The

Type: reel

Meter: 4/4

Mode: Dmajor

ABC: |A2FA A2dB|A2FA BEE2|A2FA A2Bd|egfd edBd| A2FA A2dB|A2FA BEE2|DEFG AFAB|defd edBd|| ADFD A2dB|ADFD BEE2|ADFD A2Bd|egfd edBd| ADFD A2dB|ADFD BEE2|DEFG AFAB|defd efge|| a2fd edef|a2fd ed B2|a2fd edef|gefd edB2| a2fd edef|a2fd edB2|faaf bfaf|gefd edBd|| f2df e2de|f2df edBd|f2df e2de|gefd edBd| f2df e2de|f2df edBd|faaf bfaf|gefd edBd|| Adfd edfd|Adfd edBd|Adfd edfd|gefd edBd| Adfd edfd|Adfd edB2|faaf bfaf|gefd edBd||

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