Westmeath Hunt, The

Also known as: Blodgett's, Clogher, The, Jackson's, Jackson's No. 2, Jim McCormack's, Jim McCormick's, Jim McCormicks, Sheridan's

Type: reel

Meter: 4/4

Mode: Gmajor

ABC: |:gB~B2 gBaB|gB~B2 dBAB|gB~B2 gbag|1 f2ef d2ef:|2 f2ef d2BA|| |:GBBA G3D|GB~B2 dBAB|GBBA G2ag|1 fdef dBBA:|2 fdef defg|| |:a2(3fed adfd|adfd edBd|1 a2(3fed adfd| egfd edBd:|2 a3b afd2|eafd deed|| |:g3g gd(3Bcd|g2gd BGBd|g3g gbag|f2ef d2ef:|

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Dermot McLaughlin Collection. Reel-to-Reel 25 [sound recording] / James Byrne ; Danny Meehan ; Dermot Byrne ; Dermot McLaughlin ; Peter Carr

Added February 4, 2022 at 5:58 PM
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