Gooseberry Bush, The

Type: reel

Meter: 4/4

Mode: Dmajor

ABC: |:ADFD EFGE|AGAB =c2 AG|AB=cA d^cAG|FGAF GBAF| D2 FD EFGE|ABcA d2 de|fdec dfed|cAGE FD D2:| |:Ad d2 fded|=c2 cB cA G2|ABAF GEED|FGAB =cAGB| Ad d2 fded|=c2 cB cA G2|ABcA d^cAG|ABcA d4:| |:Adcd fdcd|efge aged|cdef g2 ef|g2 ge dcAc| d2 cd ABAG|FGAB =c2 AG|AB=cA d=cAG|ABcA d4:|

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Dermot McLaughlin Collection. Reel-to-Reel 2 [sound recording] / [various performers]. Track 3

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Added February 4, 2022 at 5:58 PM
Reel: Untitled Connell, Connie, Kerry - fiddle solo
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