Miss McLeod's

Also known as: Did You Ever Meet The Devil, Uncle Joe?, Have You Ever Seen The Devil, Uncle Joe?, Hop High Ladies, Iníon Mhic Leóid, McCleod's, McCloud's, McLeod's, Miss MacLeod, Miss McCleod, Miss McCleod's, Miss McCloud, Miss McCloud's, Miss McLeod, Miss McLeod's, Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay, Mrs Mc Leod's, Mrs Mcleod Of Raasay, Mrs McLeod's, Mrs McLeods, Mrs. MacLeod's, Mrs. Mc Cloud, Mrs. McCloud, Mrs. McCloud's, Mrs. McClouds, Mrs. McLeod, Mrs. McLeod Of Rasay, Mrs. McLeod's, Mrs. McLeods, Ms McCloud's, Ms. McLeod's, Uncle Joe's

Type: reel

Meter: 4/4

Mode: Gmajor

ABC: |:G2 BG AGBG|B2 BA BcBA|G2 BG AGBG|A2 AG AcBA| G2 BG AGBG|B2 BA B2 d2|e2 ef edef|gfed BcBA:| |:G2 gf edeg|B2 BA BcBA|G2 gf edeg|a2 ag aeef| g2 gf edeg|BcBA B2 d2|edef edef|gfed BcBA:|

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Dermot McLaughlin Collection. Reel-to-Reel 25 [sound recording] / James Byrne ; Danny Meehan ; Dermot Byrne ; Dermot McLaughlin ; Peter Carr

Added February 4, 2022 at 5:58 PM
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